SwingU Academies Custom Branded App
The Most Comprehensive Coaching Platform In The World

The Most Comprehensive Coaching Platform In The World

  • Increase Engagement, Loyalty & Brand Awareness
  • Drive More In-Person Revenue with Less Effort
  • Build an Online Academy Experience

#1 Tech & Marketing Agency For Coaches & Academies

  • Academy Forum
    Academy Forum
    Instructors & students can share comments, photos and video with the user base
  • Video Library
    Video Library
    Give your students anytime, anywhere access to your drills & lessons
  • Student Swing Locker
    Student Swing Locker
    Allow students to film, save and categorize their swings and track their progress
  • 1-on-1 Training
    1-on-1 Training
    Analyze students' swings, prescribe drills and track on-course data from SwingU
  • In-Person Lesson Booking
    In-Person Lesson Booking
    Allow students to book in-person lessons with your instructors directly from the app
  • Performance Tracking
    Performance Tracking
    Integrates with your students' use of SwingU on the course to track round stats
SwingU Academies - Student Forum
SwingU Academies - Video Library
SwingU Academies - Student Swing Locker
SwingU Academies - Coach App - Live Swing Analysis
SwingU Academies - Lesson Booking
SwingU Academies - Strokes Gained Stats

Additional Features

Student Rounds & Stats
Student Rounds & Stats
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Business Integration
Business Integration
Inactivity Alerts
Inactivity Alerts
SwingU Academies Free or Paid App
Free or Paid Apps

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Whether it’s a video drill for reinforcement or daily engagement with posts in my app's feed, my SwingU Academies app has been a game changer that keeps my name and face in front of my members & students on a daily basis. I believe SwingU has the best staff, leadership and service in the golf business.
Jason Sutton, Director of Instruction at Carmel CC (Charlotte, NC)
SwingU Academies has allowed me to stay connected with my club's membership both in and out of season. My staff and I can create game-improvement plans, monitor progress and offer each player a simple-to-use feedback tool even when they aren’t on property. Our ROI and recurring business are growing each month thanks to SwingU.
Jason Baile, Director of Instruction at Jupiter Hills Club (Jupiter, FL)
From social media programming to customized app dev, SwingU Academies has built us into a media-powered academy focused on player development and high performance!
Mark Blackburn, Director of Instruction at Greystone CC (Birmingham, AL)
SwingU Academies has given me the best support I've received in my 25+ years of coaching, and I’m extremely happy to be a part of their team.
Chad Phillips, Director of Instruction at Pinetree CC (Kennesaw, GA)
SwingU Academies has given me the ability to incorporate all of my drills and tips in an app platform that gives my students a truly personal online coaching experience.
Gary Gilchrist, Director of Golf at IJGA (Orlando, FL)

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SwingU Academies - Email Newsletter Marketing
Branded monthly email newsletter ($99 / mo) or weekly email newsletter ($199 / mo) with dedicated account manager & programming strategy execution.
Price Per Month
Number Of Instructors
Up to 8
Up to 8
In-Person Swing Analysis
via SwingU Coach App
Strokes Gained Data
Includes a free SwingU Premium subscription for up to 10 students. Additional students will have to subscribe to SwingU Premium for strokes gained data
via SwingU Coach App (≤10 Students)
Branded iOS App
Branded Android App
Web Checkout
Using Stripe
Branded Email Newsletter
In-Person Lesson Booking Integration
Using Acuity
Frequently Asked Questions
How long do I have to commit?
All SwingU Academies clients have a 12-month minimum commitment.
When will I be charged?
Clients are charged within thirty (30) days of signing up for an Academies service.
If I want to build my own app with SwingU Academies, is there a limit to how many users I can have?
There are no restrictions with respect to the number of users of a client's app.
Will my app be able to do online lessons integrating strokes gained data?
Our clients' branded apps provide both online lessons and strokes gained statistics, although the scorecard entry for strokes gained is done via the SwingU GPS, Scorecard & Stats app, which can be linked to your app.

In your app, we can provide Leaderboards for your students' strokes gained stats as well as access to their summary and round-by-round strokes gained stats.
Do my students have to pay for access to strokes gained data?
Golfers access strokes gained statistics as part of our SwingU Premium subscription, which is an upgrade inside the SwingU GPS app. As a SwingU Academies client, we give you 10 free Premium accounts that you can give to 10 of your students for free.

After those 10, we can provide you with a branded coupon code that they can use with us to get 50% off for the first year of their subscription.
Can I share videos and notes with my students inside the app?
You can upload videos and posts straight to your Forum. You can also upload instructional videos and tips to your on-demand Library. Lastly, sharing personal videos or notes with a student can be done via the Swing Locker communication module within the app.
Is there a limit on the amount of video I can store in my app?
There are currently no limits on video storage as of now.
If I want to change or cancel my plan, how can I do that?
Clients cannot change or cancel their service within the first 12 months. Cancellations or changes must be requested in writing with at least 60-days notice before the end of the 12-month commitment. Otherwise, services auto-renew for 12-month incremental terms.
How long will it take to build my app?
Once you officially choose SwingU Academies to build your app, it'll be 45 days until you're in the app store(s).

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