Put A Virtual Caddie In Your Pocket And Shave Strokes Off Your Handicap

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SwingU Plus Is The Ultimate Digital Caddie Experience For Virtually Every Golf Course In The World

With SwingU Plus, you’ll have “local knowledge” every round you play. From precise “Plays Like” distances that take into account wind speed and elevation to club recommendations, enhanced scorecard and stats as well as hole insights, you’ll have a Tour-level caddie right on your smartphone. Here is what you get…

"Plays Like" Yardages

SwingU Golf GPS - Plays Like
Never get fooled again by the wind or a shot into an elevated green. Using an AI-powered algorithm that takes into account any wind speed or elevation changes, you’ll get the actual yardage of every shot as well as the yardage you should be playing the shot with the elements taken into consideration.

"Smart" Club Recommendations

Using GPS technology powered by AI and SwingU’s built-in club tracking system, you can make educated choices based on next-gen stats and real-time weather conditions.
Enhanced Stats & Live Performance Tracking

Enhanced Stats & Live Performance Tracking

SwingU Golf GPS - Round Stats
In golf, feel and real are two completely different things. Instead of making sweeping assumptions about the state of your game, follow the data to see what you’re doing well and what can be improve upon. With stats and tracking for every round, you can make informed decisions about how to best structure your next practice session.
Hole Insights & Notes

Hole Insights & Notes

SwingU Golf GPS - Hole Insights and Notes
Make every hole a birdie hole by taking into account how you’ve played it before. Know that the left side is blocked out? Make a note and adjust accordingly. Playing better golf is simple when you’re playing smarter. Have your entire history on every hole, plus your own notes on how to play it best, available to you on every tee box, fairway and green.

Give Yourself Every Advantage On The Course

App Features
Give Yourself Every Advantage On The Course
GPS Rangefinder for Every Course
Digital Scorecard
Keep Track of Your Handicap
Shot Tracking
Distances to Greens & Hazards
Wind Speed & Elevation
Enhanced Scorecard & Stats
"Plays Like" Yardages
Smart Club Recommendations
See Your Stats vs. Other SwingU Golfers
Add Hole Notes For Every Course
Monthly Giveaway Eligibility
No In-App Ads

Most 5-Star Reviews Of Any Golf App In The World

Terrific app. Takes the place of a $300 distance device. Easy to use and seems to be very accurate. Even works without having internet access which I really appreciate. A must-have device for any golfer.
Ken Jackey
I have used it free and on premium - both are useful. Sticking with premium because it's cheap and for me the extras are worth it. Especially useful in navigating hazards I can not see with the range finder.
David Haddick
I have the premium app (for around 5 years) and it is very comprehensive and distances seem to be accurate. Lots of features to help improve your game.
David Walton