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There are so many poorly structured instruction videos available to the general public. Those videos put so many things into a golfer's head and it does more harm than good. This app has a great structure and most importantly has the golfer's best interest at the forefront of their mission.

"Plays Like" Yardages

SwingU Golf GPS - Plays Like
It's like having a real caddie with an AI-powered yardage that takes into account wind speed & elevation
Shot Tracking &

Shot Tracking & "Smart" Club Recommendations

SwingU Golf GPS - Shot Tracking
Track shots to earn bragging rights & monitor average distances and get smart club recommendations.
Enhanced Stats & Live Performance Tracking

Enhanced Stats & Live Performance Tracking

SwingU Golf GPS - Round Stats
Enhanced scorecard & statistics that SwingU certified instructors can use to diagnose issues that’ll help establish a plan to improve your game.
Hole Insights & Notes

Hole Insights & Notes

SwingU Golf GPS - Hole Insights and Notes
See your strengths & weaknesses vs. other golfers on each hole and add notes for later reference.
SwingU Versus

SwingU Versus

SwingU Versus
Get strokes gained analysis with SwingU Versus. Discover your handicap for each facet of your game and receive a personalized plan for improvement.
Lessons & Drills Library

Lessons & Drills Library

Lessons & Drills Library
Exclusive access to 600+ lessons & drills from top-100 instructors.
Student Swing Locker

Student Swing Locker

SwingU Golf GPS - Swing Locker
Film, save & categorize your swings & track your progress over time.

Your World-Class Instruction Team

Get exclusive access to 600+ lessons & drills from top-100 instructors.
Joe Parent
Joe Parent
Gary Gilchrist
Jason Sutton
Jason Sutton
Gary Gray
Jim Hardy
Stan Utley

Give yourself every advantage on the course

App Features
Give yourself every advantage on the course
GPS Rangefinder for Every Course
Digital Scorecard
Keep Track of Your Handicap
On-The-Course Gaming
Wind Speed & Elevation
Enhanced Scorecard & Stats
"Zoom-In" Distances for Greens
"Plays Like" Yardages
Shot Tracking & Club Recommendations
SwingU Versus: Personalized Strokes Gained Analysis
Exclusive Access to Top-100 Instructors Golf Instruction & Training Library With Over 600 Lessons & Drills
See Your Stats vs. Other SwingU Golfers
Add Hole Notes For Every Course
Personal Swing Locker
Monthly Giveaway Eligibility
Ad Free On-The-Course Experience