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$0 per month
  • GPS Rangefinder for Every Course
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Keep Track of Your Handicap
  • Basic On-The-Course Gaming
$9.99 per month
$9.99 $4.17 / mo $49.99 billed annually
  • “Plays Like” Yardages
  • Shot Tracking & “Smart” Club Recommendations Using Live Wind Speed & Elevation
  • “Zoom-In” Distances for Greens
  • Enhanced Digital Scorecard & Stats
  • One Personalized Lesson per Month With Scorecard Analysis & Prescriptive Drills from Top-100 Instructors
  • Exclusive Access to 600+ Lessons & Drills From Top-100 Instructors
  • Full Access to Hole Insights - Your Stats vs. Other SwingU Golfers, and Hole Notes For Every Course
  • Personal Swing Locker
  • Advanced On-the-Course Games & Wagers
  • Giveaway Eligibility
  • Ad-Free In-App Experience
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Turn the world's #1 free golf GPS app into a digital on-the-course caddie.
  • Wind Speed & Elevation
    Wind Speed & Elevation LOOPER
    Live wind speed & elevation data for better yardage & club selection
  • Shot Tracking & Club Recommendations
    Shot Tracking & Club Recommendations LOOPER
    Track shots to monitor average distances & receive on-the-course club recommendations
  • "Zoom-In" Distances For Greens LOOPER
    Graphical interface enabling mistake-free approach shots
  • "Plays Like" Yardages LOOPER
    It's like having a real caddie with an AI-powered yardage that takes into account wind speed & elevation
SwingU Golf GPS - Wind Speed and Elevation Data
SwingU Golf GPS - Shot Tracking
SwingU Golf GPS - Zoom-In Green
SwingU Golf GPS - Plays Like


Find your weaknesses & own your game with easy-to-use scoring and stats.
  • Enhanced Scorecard
    Enhanced Scorecard LOOPER
    Track score, putts, driving accuracy, sand shots and penalty shots on your scorecard
  • Hole Insights & Notes
    Hole Insights & Notes LOOPER
    See your strengths & weaknesses vs. other golfers on each hole and add notes for later reference
  • Deep Dive Into Round Performance
    Deep Dive Into Round Performance LOOPER
    Review each round in detail and compare versus historic averages
  • Enhanced Statistics
    Enhanced Statistics LOOPER
    Gain valuable knowledge from your scorecard that will help improve your game quickly
  • On-The-Course Betting Games
    On-The-Course Betting Games LOOPER
    Includes Stroke Play, Match Play, Skins, Nassau, Stableford, Syndicates & more
SwingU Golf GPS - Advanced Scorecard
SwingU Golf GPS - Hole Insights and Notes
SwingU Golf GPS - Analyze Round
SwingU Golf GPS - Round Stats
SwingU Golf GPS - Betting Games


Get drills and world-class golf instruction & training on-demand.
  • 1-On-1 Training
    1-On-1 Training PREMIUM
    Personalized lessons & training from certified golf instructors (next-day response guaranteed)
  • Train On Your Schedule
    Train On Your Schedule PREMIUM
    Get a quick fix or long-term plan - our instructors will follow-up
  • Lessons & Drills Library
    Lessons & Drills Library PREMIUM
    Exclusive access to 600+ lessons & drills from top-100 instructors
  • Student Swing Locker
    Student Swing Locker PREMIUM
    Film, save & categorize your swings & track your progress
SwingU Golf GPS - 1-on-1 Training
SwingU Golf GPS - Training Conversation
SwingU Golf GPS - Lessons and Drill Library
SwingU Golf GPS - Swing Locker